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Our factory is a fully licensed Ministry of Primary Industries approved premises, and operates under very strict guidelines, so you can be completely confident your pet will be eating the highest standard of petfood possible. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are at the core of what we do here. The wild animals we use are major pests in this country, often doing considerable harm to native flora and fauna and many of them with no natural predators. Populations obviously need to be controlled. Read more here about our approach to sustainability. The source of our products is very important to us, with beef from North Canterbury farmers, wild rabbits, hares, wallabies and deer from fully registered shooters across the South Island and many other ingredients such as chicken, fish and hearts all coming from human consumption processors.

“We care about your pet as

much as you do”

Since beginning trading 18 years ago, we have expanded our range extensively of gourmet raw meat pet foods. We care about your pet as much as you do, and we are here to ensure that they have the best possible biologically appropriate diet at the best possible prices.