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All of our products are made using only the highest standard of natural, pure ingredients. We do not add any preservatives, chemicals, salt, sugar, cheap by-products, grains, fillers, waste products, MSG, rendered offal or oils. When buying from us, we guarantee the quality of our product and you can be sure you are buying only the most natural biologically appropriate food for your pet. Our pure meat range includes Beef, Wallaby, Goat, Venison, Horse, Rabbit, Hare, Salmon & Alpaca. All available in chunks or minced. Our mix range is extensive and you are sure to find something to tempt even the fussiest of pets. To request a copy of our price list please email us here.
We are proud to keep the carnivores well fed at Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington Zoos, along with Orana Wildlife Park.
All our mixes are finely minced for easy feeding.
Our meats are available in mince or chunk form.
Our products are frozen in convenient cubes with our bags designed to fit neatly into a freezer drawer.
Bulk cartons are available.
We use top quality human consumption grade ingredients, like salmon and chicken.